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The History of Vaping

The historical study of vaping provides an outstanding opportunity to understand how recreational drug use spreads through a population. In less than than one generation, the previously unknown practice of vaping was able to work its way into the lives of nearly 40% of American teenagers. It became the fastest growing drug trend ever measured.

For nearly ten years, the unfettered ambition of the comercialized drug industry, was allowed to operate without effective monitoring or regulation. Within this void of oversight, millions of young and innocent lives were compromised and exploited for profit.

Through social manipulation and government influence, the nicotine industry succeeded in addicting millions of future clients to a chemical that will undoutedly be sustained as one of America's most prolific public health threats.

 Watch the video for more...

After watching the video...

The history of nicotine provides a template that is also followed by the alcohol and marijuana industries. In fact, in many cases, it's the same people and same companies- doing the same things. Knowing how they operate can help you protect yourself and those whom you love.

What do you think could be done to protect future generations from these practices?

Read the first info-box. Watch the video. Answer the  question in the second info-box.

Video:  5 min  /  Exercise:  20 min

Tobacco's Tactics...

All recreational drugs have serious health consequences. But in the case of commercialized drugs, like nicotine, alcohol and marijuana, there are powerful organizations spending billions of dollars to carefully manipulate public opinion and mitigate government regulation. This dramatically increases public access and use of the drug; which results in vastly more harm.

Nicotine currently causes over 500,000 American deaths each year. This is more than cocaine, heroine and methamphetamine combined. Despite this alarming fact, nicotine remains legal and socially popular -particularly amongst teenagers.

Watch the video to learn more about how this industry uses its influence...

After watching the video...

In the video, you saw how Team Nicotine has repeatedly reinvented itself, and its products, in an effort to escape their own terrible legacy. Each generation seems to receive it's own new version of "clean" nicotine. Yet tobacco and it's devastating effects remain largely unchanged over the past century.


Visit this exhibit, created by Stanford University, to examine some of Big Tobacco's previous advertising claims. Write down one claim from these older advertisements that has been proven untrue over time?

As the negative health effects of vaping become better-understood, it is likely that a new version of nicotine will be unveiled. How do you think Team Nicotine will advertise this product?


Read the first info-box. Watch the video. Then complete the exercise in the second info-box.

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Health Consequences of Vaping

It took many decades and millions of human lives lost before we realized how terrible cigarettes were. It will be a long time before we can begin to approach an understanding of vaping's long-term effects on the human body.

With vaping, however, it does seem that the lethal consequences became clear much sooner than with cigarettes. A growing body of research also raises significant concerns that vaping is not the "safe nicotine alternative" that it was once claimed to be.

View the video for more on this topic...

Complete this exercise...

Vaping proponents sometimes claim that the thermal dehydration of nicotine-based e-juice is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. It will be some time before this claim can be credibly evaluated. But it appears clear today, that both smoking cigarettes and vaping e-juice present serious health concerns.


In 2018 the Truth Initiative released a kid-friendly music rap video called "Chuggin' on Clouds". You can view it on the right side of this page. During the performance, the artist realizes that vaping has some serious consequences, and he works several of these consequences into the lyrics of his rap. Write down at least two negative health effects that his song attributes to vaping.

Read the first info-box. Watch the first video. Complete the exercise in the second info-box.

Research:  4 min  /  Reflection Question:  5 min

Vaping 101

Vapes are simply drug delivery devices. They allow almost any drug to be dissolved into a liquid and then thermally dehydrated to form a mist. That mist is then inhaled, along with whatever drug has been infused in the mist.

It can be nearly impossible to tell what drugs, if any, are concealed in the mist produced by a vape. In several cases, both black-market, and over-the-counter e-juice products have been found to contain unadvertised drugs. In other instances, students have overdosed, or been rendered unconscious, by drugs that someone else put in a vape and then shared with them.

Watch the "Vaping 101" video to learn more, and then answer the following question: What are three significant ways that the use of a vape could injure a teenager?

Tips for Parents

A robust industry has developed around the use of vapes as drug delivery devices. The commercial and technological advances have made it much harder for parents to identify and intervene in teen drug use. The parent video on the right side of this page will help parents understand what they are seeing and how they can protect their kids from it.

The most important tip is for parents to become an active and influential part of the ubiquitous dialogue between teenagers and the drug companies that are targeting them. Watch the parent video to learn more...


Read the first info-box. Watch the first video. Complete the exercise in the second info-box.

Video:  15 min  /  Exercise: 5 min

Understanding Addiction

Nicotine addiction is one of the most widely acknowledged health hazards of vaping. A recent survey revealed than almost all high school seniors view addiction as a likely consequence associated with vaping. It was also found, however, that very few high school seniors perceive nicotine as being a "very dangerous" drug. So while addiction was viewed as a likely consequence, it was not perceived to be a very dangerous consequence. This may be because many teenagers misunderstand the consequences of addiction.


After watching the video "Understanding Addiction" describe why some teenagers may not view a nicotine addiction as being a "very dangerous" health hazard of vaping.

Beating a Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is one of the world's most addictive drugs. An addiction to nicotine is also known as being one of the hardest addictions to recover from. It helps if you have a plan.

In all cases, it is recommended that you obtain the help and support of a qualified drug counselor. You local school or medical insurance company has resources to help.

That said, knowing some proven techniques can make all the difference in your attempts to break free from nicotine dependance.

Watch the "Nicotine Free" video for further...

Read the first info-box. Watch the video. Answer the question in the second info-box.