Bleak Beginnings

After moving into an upscale suburb, Tim's family fell into the clutches of sporadic poverty. The stresses and misfortunes of life forced their way into Tim's once loving home. Mental illness and alcoholism drove a rift between his parents, ushering in years of debilitating emotional and physical abuse for both him and his younger sister. After suffering a series of traumatic brain injuries, Tim was diagnosed with a learning disability and his life began spiraling towards disaster. Strife, substance abuse and suicide attempts plagued those he loved, while a series of personal failures ensured a bleak outlook for his own future. By the time he was an adolescent, Tim's helpless indiscretions began to usher in the inescapable consequences of the powerful negativity in his life. A near-deadly encounter as a teenager finally forced him to confront the cataclysmic consequences of the life he had been given and the mindset he had accepted.

Turning Point

The tragic circumstances of Tim's childhood had placed him on an inescapable collision course with disaster. When that collision came, it miraculously revealed both the mentors and mindset Tim would need, if he was to have any chance at survival. The harrowing, but inspirational story that followed stands as a tribute to the power of human redemption, and reveals undeniable proof that there are no 'lost causes'. Tim stepped away from the misfortune and mangled mindset that life had given him. He graduated high school and worked minimum-wage jobs to earn his way through community college; graduating with a 4.0 GPA. The once-failing student went on the earn multiple college degrees, all with educational honors, and all with perfect GPA's. After overcoming learning disabilities, adverse childhood experiences, personal indiscretions and a crippled self-perception, Tim eventually accepted hope, forgiveness and determination as his new path in life.

In Valor There Is Hope


In a remarkable turn of events, Tim began to follow in the footsteps of those who had helped him confront the biggest failures in his life. He began volunteering, performing community service and eventually felt the calling to protect and serve those who had given so much to him.

Tim's Unique Legacy?

Tim completely inhabited his role as a leader within his community. He taught in the local schools, headed volunteer organizations and administered youth leadership programs. He knew most residents by name, and they knew him as someone they could count on unconditionally in their time of need. Over the span of 20 years, Tim's community erected several public displays of gratitude in his name. Several still stand today.


In 2011, a U.S. flag was flown over the nation's capital in honor of Tim's public service. He has been the subject of multiple senate citations, congressional resolutions and formal ceremonies. He has consulted with law enforcement officers across America and in several foreign countries. Today he is a sought after conference keynote and continues to train personnel in the Law Enforcement, Educational and Recovery fields. He is also a frequent school speaker.

What's Tim Doing Today?

Timothy Shoemaker is the managing member of MpoweredParent L.L.C.

School & Youth Programs

Tims compelling story instantly strikes home with kids of all ages. The life-lesson's he's learned lend perfectly with many of the wellness and character education initiatives of today. He currently tours schools, camps and youth conferences across the country, speaking on a number of topics.

Parent & Community Programs

Tim has multiple professional certifications, a Masters degree and several graduate certificates. Combined with decades of unique experience and a powerful personality, he delivers extraordinary educational events on a number of topics.

Professional Development Programs

Tim has taught many thousands of police recruits and in-service personnel on a wide range of topics. Certified by the Division of Criminal Justice, he also instructs educational, school, recovery and community service personnel on a number of professional development topics.

Motivational Conference Keynotes

Tim has keynoted several state and national conferences, welcoming attendees with an inspirational message of hope, unity, productivity and resiliency. Using engaging graphics, music and wit, Tim is always as entertaining as he is empowering.