An MpoweredParent Company.

An MpoweredParent Company.

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You can reach Tim's team at 551-800-7458. P.O. Box 414, Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Office Hours: 8a - 4p

Live Speaking Engagements

Conferences, School Assemblies and other keynotes are booked six to twelve months in advance. There may be limited availability for shorter time frames.

On-Line Courses

On-line courses allow for instant 24/7 access using our Insta-view enrollment system. 

Schools and organizations may enroll students upon completion of our customer agreement. Payment is subsequently processed via check, card or purchase order. 

Zoom Classroom

Live Zoom Events, Virtual Classrooms and Webinars are scheduled on demand, with some availability within 30 days. Contact well in advance if a specific date is desired.

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General Inquiries