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These Basic Internet Security Tips will help protect your safety online. Please incorporate them into your practices.You may also download an Internet Security Sheet from this link!

10 Cool Tips

You may also download an Internet Security Sheet from this link!

Safety Tip #1

Turn off your Wifi and Bluetooth every time you are disconnected from your home network or trusted device. If you don't do this, your phone will broadcast private information about you to anyone who is "listening".

Safety Tip #2

Delete all apps that you don't use regularly. Those old apps are collecting and sharing data on you. You can always download them again later. Get them off of your device now!

Safety Tip #3

If you can remember your password, it's no good! Use a unique, 20 character, password for EVERY online account. Never reuse a password. Keep your passwords on a separate keychain app, don't let your internet browser record or remember them.

Safety Tip #4

Use a sepatate proxy email address for every online account login. Set the proxy account to forward messages to your primary email account. Use a keychain app to remember the different emails. This prevents one data breach from exposing all of your accounts.

Safety Tip #5

Use an authenticator app or hard-token for two factor authentication on every online account that offers it. SMS is better than nothing, but is generally not secure. 

Safety Tip #6

Choose fake answers for your security or password reset questions. Wrtite these fake answers down in your password manager or keychain app. The real answers are usually very easy for people to find and they can gain access to your accounts.

Safety Tip #7

If you have social media accounts, regularly go through your contacts and remove contacts that you do not personally know AND trust AND communicate with regularly. Dormant accounts are frequently compromised and used to exploit you.

Safety Tip #8

Lock down the privacy settings on all of your devices. Delete social media apps from your phone and review the privacy policies of all other apps. Many fast-food apps include provisions that let them collect and share the same sensitive data on you that social media apps do.


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This PDF download will help drive a productive conversation with your child. It helps to collaboratively develop healthy limits, while improving online safety.


This slow and deliberate video will help any parent install and understand the functions of Screen Time limits on any apple device.


This video will walk you through the setting up of a password manager. You can use it for you and your kids to track and secure your passwords. If you install it on your child's phone, it will sync to yours. If you wish, you can set up a private vault for your passwords so your child doesn't access your accounts.

Student Resource

This quick video will show you how to monitor your own cell phone and SM use. It will also demonstrate how to instal safe-use limits and healthy reminders on your phone.

Universal Resource

This brief video from the Digital Dilemma Course reminds students of all ages why Social Media use can be a very bad choice for kids.

Universal Resource

This compelling documentary unveils interviews with former Big Tech engineers, Child Psychologists, parents, counselors and kids who have been trying to expose the dangers of social media use.

Universal Resource

This groundbreaking exploration of Big Tech's legacy describes their dubious development from providing remarkable resources to engaging in rampant exploitation of their users. 

Universal Resource

If you don't have Netflix, but you do have kids, this one film would be worth the monthly fee. This trailer is for the Social Dilemma Documentary on Netflix. Please watch...

Universal Resource

This FrontLine series follows Facebook from it's youthful startup, to its globally impactful present day problems. It provides sound perspective on how things spun so far out of control.

Universal Resource

The book "Anti-Social Media" provides a penetrating examination of the social media world, and it's impact upon the world we now share. Well-researched and referenced, it is a good background piece.