Staff in Service Training on Vaping

Quickly learn how to identify different types of vapes, see how kids hide vapes in class, understand how to safely handle vaping products and learn what drugs kids are vaping.


How To Secure Your Digital Life

This must-see course teaches both Teens & Parents how to avoid getting hacked, exposed, exploited and extorted online. See this course NOW, before it’s too late.


How to Monitor and Protect Your Child Online

Quickly learn how to monitor and promote safe screentime limits. Build partnerships and protect your kids online.


Share These Courses With Your Students

See how easy it is for teachers or group leaders to share these courses with their students. Discounted group tuition, monitor progress and completion in real time!

Coming Soon!

College Campus Safety Tips

What college students need to know, before they go. Taught by a former University Police Officer.


What Students Need to Know About Resiliency

Learn specific techniques for improving resiliency and confidently addressing the challenges in your life.


Coping With Covid

Now Free! Helping students cope with the challenges presented by our changing COVID restrictions. Our popular On-Line wellness program is now free for all.


Understanding Addiction

A brief introduction to the terrible affliction of addiction. What students and parents need to know.

Coming Soon

Safe Celebrations

An On-Line adaptation of our acclaimed Prom Season Prevention Program! What students and parents need to know in order to ensure safe celebrations.


What Families Need to Know About Screentime

Help teens & parents understand the dangers of screen time and social media. Become a good digital citizen and avoid online predators.


What Students Need to Know About Vaping

Students learn about the dangers of vaping, the history of Big Tobacco and the life-long curse of nicotine addiction.