Two brief housekeeping items will ensure that you are ready for a spectacular and problem-free presentation.

Prepare The Venue

If you have a performance venue, similar to a school auditorium or conference hall that regularly hosts vocal performances, there is very little preparation necessary. Please have the projector screen lowered for our arrival. We handle everything else.

If you are using a gymnasium with hardwood floors and concrete walls, or an outdoor space, please advise us ahead of time. We need to bring additional equipment.

If you will be hosting a Remote Zoom Classroom, please note that your AV equipment must be appropriate for your audience size. Poor equipment will result in a poor experience for your audience. We are very happy to test your equipment for you before the event, or even before you book!

Prepare the Schedule

We know that you already have enough to worry about. Our job is to make your job easier. We do not need lunch breaks, liaisons or any special attention. We typically do not even need your technical personnel.

What we do need is access to your performance venue 90 minutes prior to the first presentation. Often, this is before your staff or students arrive for the day. Please plan to have someone available to open the building and allow access to the venue so that we can set up and test our equipment.

Many of our presentations are scripted and timed for effect. Please plan for this when blocking your time. If student transition will intrude upon the available presentation time, let us know in advance. We will adjust the timing of the keynote. We prefer to do this in advance of arrival.