Important Preparations

We have two brief housekeeping items that will ensure you are ready for a perfect presentation.

Prepare The Venue

We work hard, so you don't have to. Our crews generally travel with our own mics, speakers and projector. Please have your projector screen lowered for our arrival. We handle everything else!

We typically arrive 60 mins prior to the first presentation, and our gear is very heavy. If possible, we ask that you please provide parking and building access at the nearest point to the performance. If this is not the main entrance, you may Email Us the location now, or drop a pin and text it to us at 551-800-7458. We will store it on your file. Please include a contact number for the staff member who can meet us there on arrival.

Prepare the Schedule

Our job is to make your job easier, so we are as flexible as an olympic gymnast! We do not need lunch breaks, liaisons or any special attention. We typically do not even need your technical personnel. What we do need is your consideration with the schedule. In order for us to effectively hit your important objectives, the performances have been scripted for 60 minutes. Please account for your student transition AND any not-so-quick announcements when blocking your time. This really adds up!

We will adjust the timing of the keynote as needed. Please Notify Us in advance if this will be necessary.