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Services and Pricing:

Live Presentation

Our team arrives with all of our own state of the art equipment. We do all of the set up and ensure a great show from every seat

ZOOM Classroom

We visit you LIVE from our studio, anytime and anywhere. Save the travel fees and invite your audience to join from the comfort of their own homes. Tim often uses polls and discussions to make these remote presentations as engaging as possible. 

Online Insta-View

Select one of our On-Demand Courses and either assign your students a seat in the course, or invite your audience to complete the course on their time. You control the invites from your dashboard on our site, and you have full review of your student's progress. Auto generated completion certificates allow you to confirm completion.

Combine Options

Use any combination of these options to ensure the most comprehensive experience for your team and your audience.

Reduced add-on pricing is offered when you combine our solutions into one package.

From $1500..

Individual keynotes start at $1500.

A day of presentations (typically 3 keynotes) is $2000.

Add an evening presentation on the same date for a total of 

*$200 shipping & travel fee for locations that are more than 90 mins, but less than 3 hours driving time from 07950.

Locations further than 3 hours from 07950 require a custom travel quote.

From $1000.

Individual 60-90 minute Zoom Classroom for students, parents or staff is $1000.

Multiple Zoom Classroom sessions on the same day (up to 6 sessions) is

Day and evening Zoom Classroom combo is
*Day and evening may be scheduled on separate dates.

From $250...

Insta-View Online and On-Demand courses are sold by the seat.

1st:  Determine if you would like to offer/enroll your students in one class, or in all of our classes. They will have access for one full year.

2nd:  Determine how many seats you would like to reserve in the course. 

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You Decide..

You may combine any or all of these resources in a package that best suites your needs.

Feel free to discuss your ideas with our Project Planning experts. We will prepare a custom quote to suite your unique vision.

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Browse Our Topics

You have so much to choose from. From powerful motivational seminars to extraordinarily potent educational events; we've got many of your favorite topics covered. Click to browse...

Raising Resiliency

Secrets discovered from decades of research, delivered in a moving and personal way. Separate versions for students of all ages.

Turning Point

The remarkable and moving story of Tim's journey. This classic keynote highlights the struggles of a troubled adolescent learning how to build a better future from his broken past. Students consider the power of their personal choices to free themselves of stigma, drug use, poverty, personal failure more...

Vaping Prevention

The highly acclaimed Save Your Breath assembly has toured dozens of states and mesmerized hundreds of thousands of students. With separate versions for students, parents and staff, this 60 minute rollercoaster ride is simply the best there is to offer when it comes to preventative education.

Campus Safety

An absolute Must Attend for high school seniors, College Freshmen & parents. This unique behind-the-scenes tour of  university life has been credited for protecting thousands of soon to be collegiate students. Real-world, tips, insight and little-known safety secrets to make sure kids stay safe at school.

Safe Celebrations

High School Prom & Graduation season should be a time for happiness and pride. But it can also become a time of tragedy and regret. This upbeat, but direct, assembly puts kids and parents on the same page; giving them the tools they need to make good decisions during these great times. 

     Most of our existing presentations have been developed, refined and proven in front of thousands of students and in all educational environments. 

     Our team has toured schools, camps, conferences and churches for nearly two decades. We have the credentials and experience to make your custom content a smashing sucess. If you don't see a topic that fits your unique needs, Request a custom keynote!

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