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more to life inspirational drug free book for teens

There’s More To Life

Available as both an ebook and MP3 audiobook download!inspirational drug free book for teens

Imagine waking up each day of your life knowing that your are unstoppable. That is exactly the kind of power that Tim has packed into this 35 page thriller. A special selection of motivational stories, revealing questions and real-world wisdom awaits readers in this one-of-a-kind tribute to personal power.

Real stories from Tim’s past are brought to life alongside some of history’s most inspirational acts and emblems. Using his characteristically uplifting voice, Tim invites you to explore the true meaning of key attributes like strength, courage and independence. It’s an entertaining trip that challenges readers to push through some of life’s most common barriers and find a stronger person on the other side.

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There’s More To Life was specifically crafted for teens and young adults. Fast flowing dialogue is garnished with vivid imagery, interactive exercises and hotlinks for further exploration. We’ve even included a playlist of suggested pop-rock music that’s been matched perfectly to each powerful lesson.

Now As An AudioBook Too! Be amongst the first to download a personal presentation from Tim himself. Put it in your ipod. Play it in the car. Recharge your mind on that next walk around the block. This 50 minute one-on-one keynote comes complete with exercises and commentary spoken in the author’s own voice.

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There's More To Life Ebook V1
There's More To Life Ebook V1
This 35 page thriller can be read in under an hour, but will motivate you for life. If you are a teen in need of inspiration, a parent in need of some fresh ideas or an enthused attendee from one of Tim's recent seminars, this book promises to please. Could an hour of reading really change your life? Don't miss this chance to find out! For a limited time: Buy both the ebook and audiobook and save 20%. Click the icon for preview and product details.
There's More To Life Audiobook
There's More To Life Audiobook
Now you can get 'There's More To Life' as an audiobook narrated by Tim himself! Accompany the visually stunning ebook with this ear pleasing keynote. Drop it in your ipod. Play it in your car. Refresh your mindset during that evening walk. Purchase this and the ebook at the same time and get $5 off. Enter code MORE2LIFE at checkout! Click the icon for preview and product details.