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You may join the Livestream up to 5 mins early. Just click play to begin!

Awesome Extras

1. If you're reading this, you're on the right page to view your livestream!

2. At the top of the page, there is a video box. Simply click the PLAY arrow to begin. In some cases, you will have to click play twice to start the livestream.

3. No livestream will be visible until 5 minutes prior to the scheduled broadcast time. Please check the date and time of your advertised livestream.

4. Replays are privately advertised to registered guests only and are only available for 72 hours. Contact the organizer to get your private replay link.

5. If your browser is blocking the livestream, please log out of any school Google accounts and/or check with your network administrator to whitelist our URL.

Video Choppy of Frozen?

I've Lost the Stream:  If your video stops playing, please refresh the page and press play again. If your stream ends unexpetedly, please refresh your page once every minute for 5 minutes. Our team will reload the stream and update this window.

My video is low quality:  We stream in 4K where available. Most audiences can view the stream without problems in 1080p HD. If you have slower internet, you may experience pauses, low video quality or freezes. If this happens please click on the gear symbol at the bottom of the Youtube window. Change your quality setting to 720 or 480p. This should help.

Everything went wrong:  If nothing helped, don't worry. We cannot solve your problem while the stream is live, but we will get you a replay copy of the event shortly afterward. Please contact your on-site host, or the staff member who booked the event for details.


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