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Coping With Covid

Welcome Back!


  1. Watch the entire video. (Required)
  2. Read the discussion block. (Optional)
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Time Required:

  • Video:  5 mins
  • Entire Lesson: 15 mins
Optional Discussion

1.1 As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to impact our lives, you may notice that it is difficult to remember what things were like before this all began. Our learning environment, our social activities, our travel and entertainment options were all much different before this public health crisis unfolded. Many other aspects of our lives have been effected as well. 

1.2  It goes without saying that you have been personally effected by the Pandemic and its imposition upon your life. We have all sacrificed a substantial portion of ourselves to these unfortunate circumstances. It is normal, and common, for people to describe themselves as less sociable, less energetic, less ambitious and even less content today, than they were in the pre-pandemic phase of their life.  Perhaps you have noticed some other changes in yourself as well.  

1.3  No matter how old you are, you have been in a state of personal development throughout this crisis. You, your memories, your life-story and perhaps even your future will likely be much different because of it. Acknowledging the existence and the persistence of the Pandemic Conditions is important, so that you do not accept this version of your life, or of yourself, as being permanent. This public health crisis will end, the restrictions will be removed and your life will return to a more normal state.

1.4  It is important that your energy, sociability, ambition and enthusiasm for life returns as well! While the health threat and life-restraints will gradually go away without any action on your part, the same may not be true for you mindset. You will play an active and critical role in the creation of the NEXT phase of your life. This will require attention, forethought, imagination and effort. It may also require a little help from others. Never hesitate to discuss your feelings with a parent, a friend or a member of the school staff! We are all in this together.

1.5   Lastly, it is very important that you do not overlook the very valuable lessons learned through this phase of our lives. Very rarely do we invite adversity into our lives, but once it makes an uninvited appearance, adversity often provides us with invaluable opportunities for personal growth. This crisis has given you the opportunity to grow stronger, to become wiser, to develop closer ties to those most important to you and to envision a clearer picture of your future path. So as life returns towards normal, you certainly will not. You will be better than normal, and the considerations of this course will help you to do that.

Optional Exercise

The Pandemic removed many of the daily distractions that are typically imposed upon us by our busy schedules. We had fewer social commitments, fewer activities, and we were less burdened by the normal daily-life concerns that we were dealing with before the COVID restrictions went into effect.

These circumstances were unfortunate and unwelcome. But with fewer activities and less social contact, we were given a chance to see ourselves more clearly. It was a rare chance to envision ways in which we could improve ourselves or enrich our lives. Can you think of anything that you've learned about yourself that could help build a brighter future once we go back to "normal"?

Example 1: During the Pandemic, I noticed that I was way too reliant on social media. I've realized that the less I'm on social media, the better I feel about myself. 

Example 2: During the Pandemic, I spent too much time on video games. It messed with my sleep schedule and I lost interest in other activities. I've learned that I have to limit myself. 

Example 3: During the Pandemic, I realized how important my friends and family are to me. I'll never take them for granted again.

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