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Vaping Education

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Course Description

This quick and captivating course instantly entices students of all ages. Using modern video elements and professional presenters, SAVE YOUR BREATH, represents the cutting edge of On-Demand wellness education. This entertaining course is perfect for self-paced individual learners, and is also available as a group package for use in school or community organizations. It's appropriate for ages 10 & up, and is absolutely appropriate for parents as well as students.

The course is accessible to you via laptop, tablet or phone, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You, or your students, may start and stop at any time. We'll automatically keep a placeholder for you, or your students, to pick up exactly where you left off. Enjoy our automated achievement awards as you go, and easily track your progress at all times. Our videos do all the work for you. The cumulative course quiz includes hints and helpers to ensure your mastery of the material. Students are automatically graded in real-time, and there is a PDF completion certificate awarded instantly upon finishing the course.

Individual learners will be thrilled at the speed and ease with which they can complete these enjoyable and important lessons. Teachers and group leaders will love the fact that they may track the attendance, progress and grades of all students in their private group. 

What You Will Learn...

 This course immediately rewards the audience with a refreshing view of the modern vaping epidemic. Your world-class presenters will quickly turn confusion into clarity, revealing what kids and adults need to know about this potentially life-threatening topic. We will unveil the dubious past of Team Nicotine, and expose the remarkable tactics used to exploit the young and the vulnerable. Students of all ages will appreciate the common-sense approach and candid explanations we've incorporated into this Vaping Education course.

Students will learn how vaping became the fastest growing drug trend ever measured in American history, and will understand why some experts believe that it could become the deadliest of all time. We explore the known and potential health threats posed by vaping, offering some sobering insight on what vaping could mean for those who try it. We also expose the harmful effects of nicotine and illustrate how an addiction to nicotine can affect a person's life.

The SAVE YOUR BREATH course eliminates the mystery and mystique of vaping, by explaining what each device is, how it is used and what drugs are most commonly found in vape devices. We use vivid and detailed imagery along with clear and simple explanations. Students are given some critical tips on how to detect vaping, how to test vaping products and how to intervene in vaping behavior. We've also included a lesson on how teens and adults can successfully beat a nicotine addiction. Don't waste another minute. In one click, you or your students could be enjoying one of the most important and impactful wellness lessons available today!

Course Content:

  • 5 Lessons consisting of short video segments.
  • Approx. 10 mins each
  • Each lesson includes an optional discussion block and exercise.
  • Review Quiz
  • Completion Certificate
Course Structure:

This On-Demand course is facilitated through professionally produced video elements. Students may complete on their own pace and schedule.


Course Elements:

  • Professional Video
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Self-Graded Quizzes
  • Gamification Awards
  • Completion Certificate
Suggested Students:

  • 5th Grade and Up
  • Pre-requisites:  No
  • Adults Too?  Yes

This course is equally informative for kids    and adults.

Timothy Shoemaker

Timothy Shoemaker

Your Instructor

Timothy Shoemaker M.S. is a nationally recognized prevention expert and Motivational Speaker. He has toured conferences, communities, colleges and corporate events since 2009. Tim spent over a decade in the classroom teaching wellness lessons to K-12 students. He has been certified in multiple prevention curriculums and is a sought-after professional trainer.

     A former U.S. National Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer of the year, Tim has garnered an amazing assortment of peer and professional awards. He has collaborated with local, state, national and international prevention organizations, becoming an essential resource for parents, teachers and communities. Click here for more on Tim's Bio!