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Have you been looking for a fun, easy and enjoyable way to powerfully increase your enjoyment of life? Yes!

Would you like to learn some simple things that you can do to dramatically increase the success and happiness in your life? Would you like the power to decrease the pain or disappointment that you experience? Yes!

If you answered YES to either of these questions, then you need instant access to this course!

Course Description

This quick and captivating course instantly entices students of all ages. Using modern video elements and professional presenters, RAISING RESILIENCY, represents the cutting edge of On-Demand wellness education. This entertaining course is perfect for self-paced individual learners, and is also available as a group package for use in school or community organizations. It's appropriate for ages 10 & up, and is absolutely appropriate for parents as well as students.

The course is accessible to you via laptop, tablet or phone, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You, or your students, may start and stop at any time. We'll automatically keep a placeholder for you, or your students, to pick up exactly where you left off. Enjoy our automated achievement awards as you go, and easily track your progress at all times. Our videos do all the work for you. The cumulative course quiz includes hints and helpers to ensure your mastery of the material. Students are automatically graded in real-time, and there is a PDF completion certificate awarded instantly upon finishing the course.

Individual learners will be thrilled at the speed and ease with which they can complete these enjoyable and important lessons. Teachers and group leaders will love the fact that they may track the attendance, progress and grades of all students in their private group. 

Learn more...

This wonderful On-Demand course has been called "monumental" and "EPIC!"; with some students claiming that it has "changed everything" about the way they view themselves in relation to their challenges. In just five easy and entertaining videos, you will be introduced to a lifetime of wisdom on the topic of resiliency. 

Whether you are fifteen years old or fifty, this remarkablerkably inspirational format promises to grab your attention and empower your mindset from the moment you hit play. Our master presenter unveils thirty years worth of enlightening insight into this critical component of the human experience.

Timothy Shoemaker has a Masters of Science, with graduate certificates in Leadership and Management. He has been teaching kids and training professionals for over 15 years. A frequent conference keynote and public presenter, Tim's inspiring messages hit home for audiences of all ages. After overcoming the adverse conditions of his youth, Tim turned the lessons of his own personal struggles into the foundation of his uncommon achievements. With decades of experience serving and supervising emergency services, he has become a lifelong student of human suffering, survival and success. This course delivers those lessons in way that is easily embraced by students of all ages.

Hundreds of interviews, dozens of books and years of mentorship experience have been invested in the creation of this life-altering on-line program. For those seeking a new direction, a stronger perspective and a better understanding of themselves, there is no finer place to start. And there's no better time than right now! 

Course Content:

  • 5 Lessons consisting of short video segments.
  • Approx. 10 mins each
  • Each lesson includes an optional discussion block and exercise.
  • Review Quiz
  • Completion Certificate
Course Structure:

This On-Demand course is facilitated through professionally produced video elements. Students may complete on their own pace and schedule.


Course Elements:

  • Professional Video
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Self-Graded Quizzes
  • Gamification Awards
  • Completion Certificate
Suggested Students:

  • 5th Grade and Up
  • Pre-requisites:  No
  • Adults Too?  Yes

This course is equally informative for kids    and adults.

Timothy Shoemaker

Timothy Shoemaker

Your Instructor

Timothy Shoemaker M.S. is a nationally recognized prevention expert and Motivational Speaker. He has toured conferences, communities, colleges and corporate events since 2009. Tim spent over a decade in the classroom teaching wellness lessons to K-12 students. He has been certified in multiple prevention curriculums and is a sought-after professional trainer.

     A former U.S. National Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer of the year, Tim has garnered an amazing assortment of peer and professional awards. He has collaborated with local, state, national and international prevention organizations, becoming an essential resource for parents, teachers and communities. Click here for more on Tim's Bio!

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