Some believe that the world has become a jaded, cynical place. Some believe that self-interest and profiteering have replaced the once nobler American attributes of honor, service and heroism. In nearly every place of human existence there can be found the ruins of greed, materialism and vice. In nearly every conversation there can be found the stagnation of apathy and the impotence of acceptance.

But there are those who stand above this darkness. Subtly hidden within the masses of the ordinary exists a breed born of bravery allied to a creed forged from courage. Humble yet heroic, these guardians accept their role as protectors and they embrace their reason for being. They shoulder the responsibility that so many would shirk and they instinctively walk towards that which others would flee.

They are Believers; not simply of religion or righteousness but of the indomitable power found within the hearts of those who understand their calling and accept their unique purpose. They are rare and many are yet undiscovered -even by themselves- but it is in their hands that the fate of our nation resides. Perhaps at times you have shared these thoughts. Perhaps you’ve wondered if you were alone. But it was not an accident that you found your way here. On behalf of the Believers, I welcome you home…

The “I Believe” shield logo is owned and copywritten by Timothy Shoemaker. The “I Believe” message is 100% yours and will soon be rolled out in police, parent and student versions on this website. If you would like to use any of these materials or would like to join us in spreading this movement, please contact me.

I Believe for DARE Officers

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